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So many of us work from home now and even if you’re short on space, you can still have a dedicated place to work at home with a cloffice!

Teal back wall in home office in closet

Have you heard of the word cloffice? It’s the perfect combination of small closet and a good working space! Pretty sure it’s become more popular since the days of the virus with everyone stuck at home.

My first “real” dedicated workspace in our home was this home office nook. It worked well for a while but then it didn’t! I had the basic office essentials but the location was our den with the tv. Not very quiet when I needed to concentrate.

Corner of room with home office and organizational supplies in it

When our oldest son went to college and our oldest daughter got married within six weeks of each other, I needed a project to keep my mind off that grief. My craft room makeover in our guest room was the result and the beginning of this room makeover!

Closet filled with craft storage and supplies

Then we began our huge kitchen remodel and the contractors were in and out constantly. It was NOISY and DUSTY. I needed my own office space with natural lighting for taking photographs.

As much as I love organizing it was really just bins and bins with mismatched decor. And a purple accent wall for grins! I needed to go to a little more neutral color. Okay, a LOT more neutral! Plus, the clutter was overwhelming!

For a while I had a compact desk in my craft room but it was just so crowded! I needed a workspace where I could spread out, as well as edit photos and all the other business things I do. Plus, my daughter always said I needed a room with a door!

purple craft room accent wall with desk and closet storage

Since we had already converted this small closet space into storage I decided I wanted to make this small closet a cloffice! Since I spend most of my workday behind a computer I needed inspiration via the accessories around me.

This closet office at my previous home was one of my favorite projects! From the color to the clever built in shelves and inexpensive decor, this cloffice had a little bit of all my loves!

Materials you’ll need


Take off closet doors.

Unless you want a way to close off this space for privacy or to disguise your space, completely take off the doors and hinges. If you enjoy DIY maybe you can find another way to use the doors in your home!

Clear out everything from inside the closet.

This was a huge but necessary task! Because I was adding an office to this room I also had to downsize my craft supplies. I sold a bunch of stuff for a set price in order to get them out of the house quickly. This was the perfect opportunity to declutter and reorganize.

Closet filled with shelves and craft supplies

Make any necessary repairs to walls.

Once your space is completely empty begin the process of repairing any holes or gaps in the wall. You want to end up with a smooth surface for painting.

Decide on interior closet color and paint.

The most important aspect for me was this teal accent wall. It just makes me happy when I come into my office to work.

I would love to have all the room walls painted a lighter color, but the thought of taking all that stuff off the shelves made me nauseous.

Teal back wall in closet with white trim

Whether you go neutral or match the rest of the walls, this is your opportunity to turn a smaller space into a practical but beautiful home office.

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Add a workspace and shelving cut from plywood.

My ex cut these shelves out of plywood. Each shelf is just one piece and is perfect for the open concept I wanted. Floating shelves would be nice as well but we just painted the brackets and they disappear into the wall.

White plywood shelves and desk in closet with teal back wall

The shelves go almost all the way to the ceiling so that I can store empty photo albums and picture boxes at the very top.

Decide on lighting fixtures.

I didn’t want to use valuable workspace for a lamp so I used an industrial type pendant light with the switch underneath the desk space. If you didn’t want see the cords you could use puck lights.

shelving made out of plywood for home office nook

Set up your cloffice and decorate!

The shelves are filled with both practical storage solutions for office supplies, inspirational sentiments, baskets and jars for organizing and family pictures. I applied my personal touch and decorated this storage space with my favorite pretties!

White shelves with memorabilia on it

I used fabric I bought off facebook marketplace to create two bulletin boards on each side.  Since I was a big scrapbooker I used part of my collection to create art that would inspire me. 

Fabric covered wall in cloffice

I also criss crossed jute to create a place where I could add a calendar and notes.

Fabric covered wall with office notes on it
White shelf in closet with accessories on it

This $3 table was chalk painted black for a place to put my laptop, which hooks up to a large monitor for photo editing. 

A laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table

The office chair is covered in a neutral fabric so the teal back wall could shine!

A person sitting in front of a computer

I’m happy with my workspace in my new cottage home but I also loved this cloffice in my previous home. Make a nook, a cloffice or your entire room beautiful as well as functional.

home office in a closet with teal accent wall and shelves

FAQs about a cloffice

Find a closet that can be converted to create a workstation and home office storage. This would be best in a room where you can have some privacy and quiet!

Someone coined the word “cloffice” and it stuck! This gives you more office storage and work space in an unused bedroom closet.

Make sure whatever you choose fits into the space before you begin! A free standing desk is an option or you can also build a desktop to fit the space.

More Projects

Try these fun and easy crafts anyone can do! A little spray paint, a few inexpensive supplies and creativity turns boring into fun!

Create a Cloffice in Your Home

So many of us work from home now and even if you’re short on space, you can still have a dedicated place to work at home with a cloffice!
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  • Take off closet doors.
  • Clear out everything from inside the closet.
  • Make any necessary repairs to walls.
  • Decide on interior closet color and paint.
  • Add a workspace and shelving cut from plywood.
  • Decide on lighting fixtures.
  • Set up your cloffice and decorate!


Teal back wall in closet with cloffice filled with office and desk supplies

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  1. I love the color you chose and how organised the space is! I’ve been thinking of turning a closet into an office as well so these are great ideas.

  2. Great post! I miss my craft room. There just isn’t a space for it here in my new much smaller home. My couch is my desk these days, lol. I may need to finagle a spot somewhere. Great post. Pinned!

  3. I too was all over the place for my office! I almost did my closet hall upstairs but it was in the way of people walking so I stopped! I love how super organized your desk closet is and it gave me some great ideas! I may reconsider and use a closet like you yours in my daughter bedroom .

  4. Love this. I once had an office in a closet but nothing this nice. Great work place.

  5. Marty, I love your progression of offices you have created. The colors are bold and peaceful and you are so organized. Thank you for this. I might have to leave my dining room table and star creating something new for myself. And yes, I have a favorite journaling pen?

  6. I would give my left earlobe for a craft room that’s so beautifully organized and functional too. Love what you’ve done Marty and the color you’ve used on the wall. So very pretty

    1. Hi, Michelle. Thanks so much for the sweet comments! I only wish mine looked like this as well. Right now our daughter’s boyfriend is staying with us and he’s in here, too! So it’s office/craft room/bedroom!

  7. I love bold color with white. My utility room is Harley orange and my guest / my bathroom is a dark teal. I have not branched out to other rooms. I plan flamingo pink for my sewing room. But now we are discussing selling and moving. I may regroup we will see. But I LOVE color after years of off white on base housing. I’m ready for color