Diapers and Donuts Baby Shower: Printable Invitation

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Honor your favorite mom with a Diapers and Donuts Baby Shower Sprinkle and practical gifts of all things diaper related. Includes a FREE printable invitation!


What is there about your firstborn child that can never be duplicated?

Is it the excitement of a first pregnancy?

All the experiences of morning sickness, the first kick and growing child in your belly?

A person wearing a white shirt

Could it be the fears and unknown for the delivery (the pain!) and safety of your child?

Maybe it’s the thought that you’re never quite prepared enough and will probably mess up this child in a big way!

I’ve always told my oldest daughter Rachel that she was my practice child, the one God gave me as such a mirror of myself. 

Diaper and Baby shower

She was stubborn, a picky eater and oh so opinionated but also full of life with an “800 watt smile” as a friend used to say.

When we adopted a sibling group of three children when she was eleven, there was no doubt in her mind that she was all in.

That’s how Rachel does life. All or nothing. With passion and flare.

We spent many years working side by side in our home, through our family’s decision to homeschool, battling for the hearts of her adopted siblings or just living life together 24/7.

These heart binding moments didn’t end on her wedding day six years ago.

A couple of people posing for the camera

In fact, she called me from the car as she pulled away from her reception to tell me what a perfect day it had been.

She phoned me before they left the airport for their honeymoon.

She emailed me from Jamaica during their honeymoon.

You see, we had become friends. 

After she got married I used to call myself “google mama” because she would call me to ask the simplest questions.

Recipe questions: how long should I cook the potatoes in the microwave?

Work questions: so and so is driving me crazy. What should I do?

Husband questions: DONNY is driving me crazy. What should I do? ~cue hysterical laughter~

I would just listen and try to give words of wisdom where appropriate and prompt her problem solving skills when I could.

In reality she and I were just continuing the precious bond of mother and daughter.

A couple of people posing for the camera

Mostly we were just learning how to maneuver this new adult relationship together.

It certainly wasn’t without its difficulties, though.

Rachel’s first Thanksgiving morning with Donny she was in tears because she didn’t wake up to the smell of turkey cooking or watch the parades with her siblings.

Donny just didn’t understand. How could he? It wasn’t HIS family tradition.

But, boy oh boy, it was OURS.

I had to gently remind her Donny was her home now. (And the turkey was waiting for her when they got to our house!)

Yet the most amazing piece of our new relationship has been watching my daughter become a mother herself.

If I thought I was “google mama” before, I am the real expert now!

When did you get over your morning sickness?

When did you feel the baby kick?

Will this child ever get here?!!

Every step of the way I was able to experience her excitement and relive the joy of new life. (See our Baby Gender Reveal Party and Elephant Themed Baby Shower for more ideas!)

Plus, I became a Nana for the first time! Oh, what an amazing gift!

A person holding a baby

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Aiden James Baldridge was born on December 17, 2014. (You can read about his chaotic, surprise entrance into the world here.)

I have reveled in my Nana-ness (made up word, you’re totally free to copy it!) and my new role in Rachel’s life.

Somehow two years passed and on my birthday, I got another little surprise! 

Isn’t that the best kind of news?!! If you didn’t watch the short clip you need to! Rachel totally surprised me and my reaction is priceless.

We were all overjoyed at the news!

My niece Jennifer is an amazing photographer and captured the baby gender reveal perfectly a few weeks later on camera.

A group of people standing on top of a grass covered field

Another boy to add to the growing family!

A group of people playing frisbee in a park

Aiden wasn’t too sure about the news!

A little girl that is standing in the grass

Love this sweet family of mine.

A girl throwing a frisbee

Three generations – so blessed.

Diaper and Baby shower

The months and pregnancy flew by (at least for the rest of us ~smile~) and my niece Jennifer, daughter Stephanie and I wanted to throw Rachel a diapers and donuts baby shower or “sprinkle.”

Never heard of such a thing? Me either, but it’s basically for the mom who has all the necessities but diapers, etc, and gift cards are still welcome additions!

Diapers and Donuts Baby Shower

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8 1/2 x 11 White Cardstock

Gold gel ink pens or Silver gel ink pens

5×7 white envelopes

Jennifer designed the cutesiest diapers and donuts baby shower invitation and you can get your own free printable invite here

All you need for your own invitations is heavy white cardstock (prints two invitations per sheet) and a gold or silver gel pen (and envelopes if you’re mailing them!)


My favorite women! (from left to right, my daughter Stephanie, me, Rachel, my niece Jennifer, my daughter-in-love Emmaline)

A group of people posing for a photo

In my next post I’ll share all the Diapers and Donuts baby shower decor and party ideas, including this amazing donut wall. I’m drooling, aren’t you?

Many different kinds of donuts

Pictures courtesy of JLY Designs Photography

I don’t always get this mama thing right. Sometimes I give advice when it’s not asked for and other times I have to refrain when I’m asked and let Rachel figure it out on her own.

If you’re a young mom like my daughter I just encourage you to breathe deep and know God uniquely gifted you to be your child’s mother.

The days may seem long and you may feel overwhelmed, but you are doing a beautiful, loving work every single day. 

In spite of my many failings and inadequacies, Rachel turned out quite amazing!

A man and a woman posing for a picture

If you’re a grandmother like I am and maybe feel like you don’t have the relationship with your children or grandchildren that you desire, it’s never too late to make a change. 

Speak life into your own heart and out of that abundance will come words of wisdom and love for your family.

You are, “fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Pslam 139:14)

The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning. (Lamentations 3:22-23)

Free Printable Diapers and Donuts Invitation

(There’s some great information on printing in this post.)

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  1. What a fun way to celebrate a new birth and addition to your family. Grandbabies are THE best! I love your family tradition and all the celebrations.

  2. I was expecting a straight how-to post, Marty, and you surprised and delighted me with this intimate look inside your beautiful family -:D. What a joy to see! Congrats on grand #2.

  3. Congrats, what a adorable baby shower. Having grand kids its been the best part of my life.

  4. Great post Marty, it is awesome when you can develop an adult relationship with your kids. I see and hear mine now more than ever and they both live a couple of hours away.

  5. Congratulations on grandson #2!!!! I have to say your daughter looks exactly like you. What a terrific blessing that is. I have 4 granddaughters from my oldest daughter and the oldest one will graduate from high school in June. I remember when her mom told me she was pregnant with her and now we will watch her walk the stage to get her diploma then go off to college to play volleyball and get her degree in physical therapy. I have to say how super jealous I am because I don’t get to play with little ones anymore and I’ve had that baby itch. LOL.
    Congratulations again and spoil those precious little boys.

    1. Hi, Danna. Thanks so much. Yes, I’ve always heard how much Rachel looks like me and I love it! Maybe less now that I’m “blonde” instead of brunette. lol Congrats on your granddaughters and the graduation. I totally understand the baby itch. I stay in the nursery each Sunday at church so maybe that’s one way you could scratch that itch! Blessings to you!

  6. Love the post! And what a happy group of ladies too! I always tell my friends, you just think you love your kids, wait until those grand babies come! It’s just a whole nother level to love’n!

    Marty, you’re writings are very inspirational. Thank you for being you!