Scrapbook Room Remodel

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Latest updates on my scrapbook room:  go here.

Welcome to my scrapbook room remodel! If you’re here visiting I hope you will enjoy my project. This is not a craft/design blog but a personal one that talks of my family’s journey through homeschooling, living a frugal faith-filled lifestyle and most importantly, parenting adopted (and biological) kids and helping wounded hearts to heal. Feel free to visit the site or limit yourself to just this post. I hope in some way it will encourage you today.

The transformation has been done for a few weeks. This is the room my oldest son has been sleeping in for a year or so. His possessions are in his brother’s room. You can tell from the before pictures that my stuff and his life were all crammed in together! I didn’t scrapbook in there because there was no available space. I had all my “stuff” but nowhere to work! The room contained a full bed which was entirely too big for the room. The space is 10′ x 12′, fairly small for a bedroom but we live in an older house and that’s as good as it gets!

I spent weeks devouring websites and magazines trying to plan out my space. I was possessed with this project, probably more than any other one in our 20 years in this house. My husband and I enjoyed countless hours talking through my options and ways to keep the remodel as cheap as possible. We actually transformed the room in stages, moving out the full bed, chest and bookcase and replacing them with a twin bed. This immediately gave us a tremendous freedom in space! My husband also painted in stages as we repositioned things around the room. I had also cleaned out my supplies BEFORE we started moving things around and sold the extras on Craigslist.

And voila! Here’s the most important wall in the room. You can click on each picture for a closer examination. If you look carefully in the “after” pictures you will see many items reused and recycled in my new and improved room. I have labeled some of my goodies with prices and where I got them. Many, many of my storage solutions came from yard sales.
You will notice that my counter is waist high. I scrap and create standing up and there was much consternation over the exact height of the counter. Luckily, we figured right and it is perfect! I bought this desk chair at a yard sale and it was a great buy and the most comfortable chair. (My cats like it, too!)
The biggest splurge was the flat screen TV. The screen doubles as a computer monitor. Without this we couldn’t figure out a place to put the old TV without losing a ton of space. This was a great purchase. I also splurged on an Ott-lite because I have heard wonderful things about them. Half price at Jo-Ann’s.  The countertop was discounted at Home Depot and I adore it! Blends in with the room without showing lots of dust and “mistakes!”

I have had these black drawers for several years and love them for organizing so many different things including patterned and solid paper scraps (separated into small and large), misc. tools, even a drawer of nail polish! Can I just say I’m in love with my label maker? I destroyed the one I had so I bought another one just like it.

This is one of my favorite storage solutions! I adore ribbon and have far too many rolls that I have gotten at yard sales and craft stores. I wanted to be able to see as much of it as possible because it inspires me and I use it often on cards and layouts.  My husband rigged the dowel rods and hooks. A perfect solution plus it’s pretty to look at!
I have a stool here in case I want to scrap or work sitting down. One of my top goals for this room was being able to keep my Cricut out to use whenever I wanted. Score! This little table was in our living room and I repurposed it for my room. Perfect!

My husband is a painting contractor and often brings home things others are getting rid of. He was given this rolling craft table that stores underneath my counter but also opens to give me a tremendous amount of space if I want to invite a friend over or need extra room. Free!

My husband built this wooden shelving unit for paper but I repurposed it for idea books stored in the closet. I used two of the tackle boxes for alphabet letters and misc. small embellishments. It’s not the most immaculate closet but I can get to everything!
Most important storage: my secret stash of chocolate! Every crafter needs one of these!
My scrapbook room’s design ended up revolving around the two units I bought at Goodwill for $20 total (below).  The unit had 6″x6″ cubbies with removable partitions. I removed several of them to allow the units to be used for 12×12 paper. Absolutely perfect solution for my massive collection! (I am slightly paper crazy.) This also allowed smaller compartments at the top for some of my other supplies.
Below this unit is storage I already had. All these units combined to give me one perfect storage unit that just thrills me to death! Inside the shelves and drawers are card products, pen and embellishment storage, etc. Don’t you just love it? I am beyond thrilled!
We bought the twin bed with headboard from my niece and used a mattress and bedding we already owned. Best feature: more drawers for my ribbon stash! It seriously was taking over the world!

We painted the room a neutral color and when I found these brand new window treatments, unopened, at a yard sale for $2 I was elated! Perfect touch.

I wanted a place to display recent layouts and this was our solution. I love the inspiration and feeling of accomplishment it gives me.

This wall was a work in process. I got the black shelf at a yard sale for $3 and used pictures I already had for the inserts. I used half off coupons and bought two 12×12 frames at Michael’s and found a couple more at a yard sale. I then used free collage prints that I had gotten at Walgreen’s, matted them and used the Cricut for the date. I love this wall and it only cost about $15!

About $500!


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  1. I absolutely love your new room. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. Wow. So nice!!!!

  3. That looks great! You should start a scrapbook business for people that like scrapbooks but don’t want to do it themselves.

  4. You did a great job, Marty!

    I agree with Meg. I have a wonderful friend in Michigan who supplements the family income by making scrapbook pages for others (she made some great ones for us!) My life is so crammed full (and getting fuller now), that I don’t have time for scrapbooking for now, but I want to present our son with a book on his wedding day, showing his life from birth to his marriage. So, I pay a sweet friend to make the pages that document his (and our) lives.

    Just something to think about, if you ever have the time. 🙂

    You did a great job on the room!

  5. Amazing!

  6. Love, Love, Love it!!!

    My hubby and I were just talking this weekend about some room remodels/reorganizing that we will be doing this fall.

    I am dreaming of a more organized scrapbooking space. I’ll definitely use all of your pics for inspiration.

    Wish I could come scrapbook with you. 🙂 That is an awesome folding table that fits under the counter. Wow!



  7. Your new room looks great … so tidy and organized. Now for a question … I like the font you used to write the titles on your pictures … what font is that?
    Thanks, MariaG (Canada)

  8. The font is off the free Picnik photo editing site and is under text as Burst My Bubble font.

  9. I am so envious of your room and all the storage you’ve come up with. I still have stuff everywhere, although I do have a room just for me. I think I’m kind of craft ADD. I see something and want to try that, then something else, and so on. You can tell your room was well-thought out.

  10. You did a fantastic job! Bravo!

  11. wow you got some amazing finds, I want to know more about the shelfs and cabinets with doors and drawers for $10 at target……

  12. I saw your room over on crafty storage and had to come check it out. You know how us scrapbookers are about looking at other scraprooms!! You guys did a fabulous job!!!!

    My hubby and neighbors just finished redoing a scraproom for me! I’ve been moved in it for about a week and I LOVE it!! Come take a peek if you get a chance!

    Amy E.

  13. Loving your new room. Stealing your idea of the layouts on a line. I was going a little crazy trying to find frames that would fit my 12×12 layouts. A couple hooks, some string and some pegs = perfect.

  14. Your room looks great! The best part is that you used repurposed items and did not spend very much money.

  15. I know I’m late but your room looks great!

  16. Wow thanks for leaving me a comment about my pics on Crafty Storage today. What an awesome makeover on your room. Love the table that opens up. You can never have enough room that is for sure.

  17. notimecrafting says:

    You are right happy place! Thank you for your kind words. Today is one of those days and it helps to hear the words.


  18. Just pinned your lovely room to my craft room inspiration board! I’m in the process of redoing my craft corner as well so I’ll be referring back to your post a lot! So many great storage ideas and it sounds like you got some awesome deals. I really want one of those folding craft tables!

    The drawers full of ribbon under the bed remind me of that friends episode “Where will all the ribbons go?!”

  19. Love your creative use of items to create a wonderful haven. Great job. Thanks for all of the inspiration. I am a new follower and fellow Cricut enthusiast. Cathie

  20. This looks great, love the dowels hanging for the ribbon. I have so much ribbon, glad I’m not the only one!

  21. AMAZING! What a great transformation! So impressed! What a great craft room! So jealous!

  22. I know it seems like a dumb thing, but being a crafter, and knowing how much money is involved in scrapbooking….Also, having been in an apartment fire, where we lost all photos of our kids…I always wonder if scrapbookers add something like a gun safe(which is pretty fireproof) to their rooms, so they can store finished albums…some of the more expensive/no longer available tools. A gun safe from Dunhams is about $400 at Christmas time, and would save a lot of grief…. :o)

  23. Great transformation to get yourself organized. You found some awesome deals on some the items.

  24. I found you via another website I’m an organized junkie. I am doing her challenge which is my scrapbook room. So of course your link caught my eye. I love your room I hope you scrap in there like nobodys business. It is wonderful. You can check out mine in progress

  25. I totally love what you did with yard sale finds, it looks great!!!

  26. I bet this is a seriously popular post thanks to Pinterest. That’s how I found you. I love your room! I also love the fact that you shop yard sales and thrift stores instead of just going out and throwing down a ton of money. I’ve started doing that the last 2 years or so and its made a huge difference for us. I’m working on my office/craft room now and love seeing others’ rooms.

  27. AWESOME scrapbook remodel! All our scrapbook stuff is still boxed away (we moved about six months ago) but so many projects to do keeps the scrapbooking stuff on the back burner… seeing this makes me excited and anxious to unpack it all and make a special room/place for it all! 🙂

  28. this is so awesome, marty! i’m amazed at all the storage! and you have a bed in there, too! that’s a hard working room–great job:)

  29. Quick question: How do you keep your ribbon from unraveling when hung like that????

  30. Quick question if you time to answer – Thanks in advance.

    How do you keep your ribbon from unraveling when hung like that???

    • Thanks for asking, Nancy. I either pin or tape the ribbon to the roll and the strands that I hang down are just loose (for decoration only). I just roll it back up if I need to. No biggie. Thanks for stopping by.

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