Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas

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Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas - Marty's Musings

I would love to say that I am a bold, confident woman, but the truth is I’m just a work in progress.

Probably a little bit like you if you’re honest.

I want to be complete. Whole. No blemishes or scars.

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas

Dare I even hope, acceptable and perfect?

Funny how my decorating seems to mirror my life.

Incomplete. Unfinished. Blemishes and age spots. Good intentions and best laid plans and all that.

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas

Yet those characteristics that make me unique, chosen and beautiful in God’s eyes are the very ones that I so often try to change.

So today instead of perfect, I give you my newest favorite room, a new improved work in progress!

I decided I wanted my craft room to make a statement that reflected my life.

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas

A new direction.

With overflowing boldness and courage.

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas

If this accent wall doesn’t say bold I don’t know what does! I can honestly say I’ve never, and I mean never, used purple in my home before.

When Behr asked me to try their new Marquee line of paint I viewed the paint chips studiously and went straight to purple.

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas

Not lilac or Lavender Wash. Not Expressionism or Splendor and Pride.

Go big or go home was all I could think when my DIY hubby got through putting a coat on the wall.

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas

I choked back my fears that I had completely ruined this room and gave myself permission to live with it for a while.

Love it or hate it, this is the room where I allow myself the freedom to create. Experiment. Take a risk.

Perpetual Purple, you have taught me how to risk failing.

I think I’m in love.

Along with a new wall color my room also got more efficient organization. (You can find the file storage boxes here.)

 Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas - Marty's Musings

And a whole lot of chalkboard tags (made with this amazing paper)!

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas - Marty's Musings

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas - Marty's Musings

One of my main goals for the space was to have an area to use for photography.

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas - Marty's Musings

When this clever shade is not in use the old window functions as creative inspiration for me.

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas - Marty's Musings

This cast off portable craft table formerly was stored under the counters and never used. It now can be opened for my photography and crafting

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas

or be kept closed as a space saver.

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas - Marty's Musings

I have a special place to store my ribbon

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas - Marty's Musings

buttons and embellishments

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas - Marty's Musings

I took the doors off the closet, fitted two organizers side by side and added just a few more chalkboard labels and dollar plastic baskets!

You can find a tutorial for the quote below here.

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas - Marty's Musings

I covered this old bulletin board with fabric from my oldest daughter’s wedding and lace from my ribbon collection.

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas - Marty's Musings

Favorite cards and scrapbooking layouts line the wall to remind me what is most important. 

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas - Marty's Musings 

Home truly is “where your story begins.” 

Curious as to what the room looked like before? If you go here you can see what I had to work with! I have so many details to share with how I pulled this room all together while spending hardly any money. You won’t miss a word if you subscribe via email in the box below!

I was invited to join Angie from Country Chic Cottage for a tour of some amazing craft rooms and spaces.

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas

Check out this link for a list of all the craft room tours. You will be amazed at the creative ideas and beautiful spaces this group is sharing.

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  1. You have a wonderful craft room, Marty. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen such an organized space! And I adore your boldness! Love your sentiment about trying to change what God finds most beautiful in each of us. So true!

    • Thank you, Suzy! I have quite the collection of scrapbook paper (and ribbons and on and on) but at least it’s now organized! Can’t wait for you to see it in person! Love you!

  2. Marty,

    Wow, what a space! It came together great. 🙂


  3. YAY for purple! It’s my all-time favorite color. I’ve done walls with it before but usually a much lighter shade. I’m totally inspired by your bold choice though! It’s spectacular my friend!!!

  4. Marty, I love deep, rich, luscious, purple! It really does look great in your craft room. I chose the exact color for our master bath when we remodeled 2 years ago. I too, was afraid of such a bold color on my walls. I got a lot of raised eyebrows from family when I suggested such an extreme color. (the rest of my house is in pastels) But I figured, hey, you only live once! I still love my bathroom. I catch myself sighing when I look at the color that makes me very happy. Good job Marty!

  5. Marty!
    I love it!!!!!!!! What a great use of color and the space is perfect for it! That color is absolutely AMAZING!
    Happy day to you friend!

  6. Girl you are organized!! Thanks for joining in! PS. Love the purple!

  7. marty- i just love how organized your craft space is. so inspiring to us that are quite as….. I love your space. you did an amazing job.

    • Thanks, Laura! How is your space coming along? It is so hard working on several different projects at the same time, isn’t it? Totally ADHD in the DIY sense this year!

  8. Patricia Routt says:

    Wow wow I’m loving that purple and your craft room is amazing. Makes me realize even more how I need to get organized. Thanks for sharing.

  9. The color is amazing! As I was reading this I had an idea for a new reality tv show – Craft Room Swap. Put someone like you in my craft space and I get your craft space….

  10. Wow! Your color woke me up this morning! It is wonderful! The key for me is your scrapbook paper containers; where did you find those please? I have tried many things and can’t get satisfied; YOU have found the solution and I need to steal it. Please? Thanks!

  11. Thank you for telling us what color you used, I love that purple! It’s gorgeous!
    As teen in the 70’s I had a purple bedroom and loved it. I want your purple for my old age bedroom, ha ha ha. And/or maybe my craft room.
    And your ideas for organizing and using a pull down shade is very clever, I gotta save your blog.
    Thank you!

  12. Great ideas! How large is this room you did over? Mine is very small and I just can’t get it to work for me; have tried several arrangements.
    LouAnne in No.CA

  13. Love this! Could you tell me where you found the plastic containers for your scrapbook papers and what they were called? Thanks!

  14. May, this is AMAZING! I love the purple and the wall of organization is absolute perfection!

  15. Impressive! I would elaborate more but you’ve inspired me to go organize! Pinned. xoxo

  16. Linda DaPra says:

    Lovely. My studio is also a work in progress, but doesn’t look as wonderful as yours!

  17. Judybug says:

    Love it!, where did you find the clear plastic containers for the scrap paper?

  18. Everything looks fab Marty! Can you come and do mine next!?;) Thanx for partying at THT.

  19. I love the craft closet makeover! Can you tell me where you found the two organizers, please?

  20. I found my inspiration with your craft room! With the wedding coming up and trying to put two households into one, we decided to use your craft room as inspiration to create an office/workroom that he and I can both use! Thank you!!!

    • I love that my craft room inspired you, April! It was a brave choice of the color purple for me! I think since it was “my” room Tim didn’t protest too much! I like bold and beautiful, though!

  21. Sandy Shelby says:

    You did a beautiful job redoing that room. But oh my having that book shelf and all those heavy things on it over the bed is scary. If it fell someone could get hurt.

    • Hi, Sandy. You’re kind to be concerned about the books. They have actually been on the shelves for several years and are hung with standards that are extremely strong. It’s really not as heavy as it looks! I’m glad you liked the room.

  22. Love the purple and you have maximized that area wonderfully.

  23. Great makeover! Love it Marty! My space is also my happy place! Off to pin it!

  24. Purple-licious!!! I’ll be featuring your beautiful craft room tonight on FB, Marty! Thanks so much for stopping by! XO ~ Julie

  25. Jeannie Shoup says:

    I love the 3 drawer units on the floor, what brand are those. Your room is awesome

  26. Found your site via the link party at Tabler Party of Two and wanted to take a moment to let you know I enjoyed browsing around your blog and will be pinning this post as I am always looking for ways to organize my craft supplies. I am dreaming of the day when I have a room devoted to blogging and crafting, but until then I am gathering inspiration, and your post will become part of that stack of ideas.Thanks for sharing!

  27. This craft room is super impressive! I definitely need to organize mine…I just have boxes with random stuff in it 😀 Loving that accent wall too! Would love to one day stay in one place enough where we can paint fun colors on our walls. Visiting via the Something to Talk About Link Party! Thanks for sharing!

  28. such organization in your crat room/work in progress! I like the wall color choice. I have a purple, but haven’t painted anything with it yet. Im’ thinking I need to…that bold purple you used though is really splendid! 🙂

  29. I love how you have organized everything. Organization is one of my most favorite things to do. I really need to get my scrapbook paper organized. Thank you for sharing at The Creative Corner this week. Have a great weekend!

  30. organization always makes me happy. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Watch for your feature tomorrow. xo P.S. I have a purple art room!

  31. I love the organization. I have a question about the file boxes used for paper storage. Most letter size files, do not hold the 12 x 12 paper, I am assuming that these files will hold that size of paper, is that correct? Love your room!!! I spend so much time attempting to find what I need to craft or scrapbook and you have given me ideas to be more efficient. Thanks

  32. I felt a true kinship with you as I read your words about trying to create the perfect space & removing yourself. I have struggled for over a year to pull my room together because what I like & what it seems everyone else is doing are so completely different. BOLD HERE I COME!

    • Hi, Patty. I’m so excited for you! Your creative space should please you and be the one place that inspires you to create and be happy! It doesn’t even have to be put together or organized but just something you love. What color are you going to use?

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