From Dream to Reality: Our Deck Reveal

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Our dream deck has been years in the making. Endless conversations, researching, contemplating, pricing and saving. 

The finished product is one of the only DIY projects my hubby did not do completely on his own from start to finish (with some help and opinions from his wife!)

This deck required having some help and we were blessed to be able to bring to fruition the ideas we hoped would work!

I have to say that my husband keeps asking me if I’m still calling this project our “dream deck.” And the answer is yes! Not because it’s magnificent or enormous, but because it is a joy to us and suits our family well.

I hope that you, my readers, will enjoy the story behind each of our projects. There are thousands of other homes more beautiful and elegantly decorated (just visit Pinterest for 10 seconds, right?) but it’s not home! Home is where your story begins….

Home Tour from Marty's Musings

Here’s the story behind our deck reveal….

The first step towards building our dream deck was to remove the two dead trees closest to the house.

Over the years we were constantly approached with estimates to help save us from costly damage in case of a storm. Tree removal is definitely a necessary but unwanted expense.

We do feel more secure knowing there is no longer a danger to our home in a storm. 

(My husband also transplanted the azaleas to our backyard but sadly they didn’t survive.)

Tree Removal- Part One of Our Dream Deck from Marty's Musings

The second step was the jack hammer demolition of the front stoop and stairs so that the deck could go right over the stoop itself. Fun times. Not. You can read all about our adventures in family bonding, with a comical look at this project with a “he said” and “she said” commentary. 

Jackhammer Demolition- Part Two of Our Dream Deck - Marty's Musings

Now that we’re done demolishing we’ll go straight to the reveal! Here’s a little bit of how far we’ve come!

From Dream to Reality Our Deck Reveal - Marty's Musings

What do you think? It may not seem like a huge deal to anyone else, but it totally changed the appearance (and hopefully the market value) of our home.

A house with a lawn in front of a building

 My top priority was stairs that went straight to the front door, and that’s what I got!

Deck and Yard

Our front entrance is now actually a set of stairs with access from the front and also along the brick wall by the built-in flower bed. In the middle the stairs connect to create a beautiful tiered landing for flowers.

A close up of a flower garden

Everything on the deck except the love seat, two chairs and trunk were either bought at yard sales, found on the side of the road or transplanted from my home decor stash.

Seriously, every.single.thing. The decorating did not happen overnight. The deck was finished in May and I’ve spent a few weeks collecting and decorating this outside room of ours.

A table topped with lots of furniture

Let’s start with the actual furniture. I am not in love with the fabric pattern on the furniture but we purchased it at Big Lots for 1/3 of the price of a home improvement store. We couldn’t pass up the deal and have been completely thrilled with how it’s holding up so far.

A group of purple flowers

My youngest son loves to scavenge around the neighborhood the day before trash pickup and see what treasures he can unearth. The deck has been the recipient of many of these goodies!

This little shelf is a perfect fit in between the love seat and the chair. I’ve even scuffed it up a little bit more, but I love the look and the color matches perfectly!

A basket filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table

My very favorite part of the styling was this changing table (now turned DIY Garden Cart) that I bought at a yard sale for $15. My DIY hubby added fence boards and totally changed its look!

A vase of flowers on a brick building

An old door stands propped behind the cart with a $1 beverage tub turned upside down in front.

Deck and Wood

Dollar goodies mingle with yard sale finds and a reminder that “all things are possible with God!”

Deck and Reality

A mix of rustic with a beautiful flower and vintage spade add interest and color.

A pot with food in it, with Deck and Reality

My husband did an amazing job adding the fence boards, and I had a blast yardsaling for a few accessories, including this weathered lantern.

Deck and House

Another yard sale steal were these metal panels that were a dollar apiece. They accent the house color perfectly!


Often I will buy items at yard sales even if I don’t know exactly where they will go. I’d rather spend a couple of dollars on something that appeals to me and then shop my attic later when I’m in need for an update or new decor. (Check out my best yard sale tips.)

A group of people standing in front of a building

These two chairs were purchased a year ago for the back deck. I loved the previous fabric, but the squirrels got to them and ate all the way through to the stuffing! I had Tim recover them with this fun, bright fabric. I paid $6 originally per chair, and they are a perfect addition to the front deck for a little extra seating.

An umbrella sitting on top of a wooden chair

This little white table? Another curbside rescue found on my walk with the kids and hauled home by my industrious son. I love the distressed wood for outside because it looks chic and doesn’t matter if it gets scuffed or battered by the elements. (See our tutorial on how to strip paint from wood surfaces.)

A chair sitting in front of a wooden table

One guess for this shelf’s origin. Yet again, someone else’s trash is definitely my treasure!

Deck and Reality

Yet one more trash day treasure! I picked up this chair with the idea of painting and distressing the wood.

Deck and House

No need because the cracks and chips make it look perfectly imperfect with a pretty zinnia in the middle.

A wooden cutting board with a cake on a table, with Deck and Flower

There will be more posts with the how to’s and tutorials and details on everything from construction to decorating.

Because y’all know I took a lot of pictures, and I love to encourage others to repurpose and save money while creating something beautiful!

Until then, I hope you’ve enjoyed the reveal as much as I’m enjoying kicking back with a glass of southern iced tea!

Taking Care of Mama and Lipton Iced Tea K-cups - Marty's Musings

If you’re in the neighborhood drop by and sit a spell! We’ve got plenty of room for company!

A cake sitting on top of a picnic table

Want to see another amazing before and after? Check out our back deck restoration project.

Deck Restoration with Behr Premium DeckOver® - Marty's Musings

We’ve been busy in the yard as well as you can see in these budget friendly patio ideas and free fire pit Tim made.

Spending Time with Family in the Backyard - Marty's Musings

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  6. Hey sweet friend. Your deck looks truly amazing! I’m so happy for you because I know how excited you’ve been about it. All of you did a fantastic job! I especially love the pic of you wielding the jackhammer. Priceless!

    1. Thanks, Carrie! The deck gets so much sun during the day that it’s really only early morning and late evening that we can hang out there. This fall will be different, though!

    1. Deborah, thank you so much for the compliment! I’ve been kind of anxious to see if anyone else besides me would like it! I absolutely adore it, but it’s nice to think others do, too! The process was long, but we love the results!

  7. I love, love your deck and I wish I had a husband that knew how to do things like that, I am so jealous! I really enjoy your blog.

    1. Hi, Shirley. I’m grateful for my husband’s hard work but we did have some help with the project as well! I’m still hoping to get you your CD but no luck so far! This is the first time I’ve ever had this problem, but I think the company wants to resolve it. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

  8. You know, Marty, I sometimes think I could live in the outdoors if it was always decent weather! Ha! We really enjoy our porch and deck, too. Y’all did a great job and you’re really lucky to have your son interested in bringing items home that others put on the curb.

  9. Congratulations, Marty! Y’all did such a great job on the deck–it’s been fun watching the project unfold. May you spend many memorable hours enjoying your wonderful new space! 🙂

  10. Marty, it looks great! Love that you’re decorating with your “volunteers.” (I say that stuff I find at the side of the road or in a dumpster ‘volunteers’ to come home with me. Everyone loves a volunteer!)

  11. Wow its terrific!! I wanted to put a wooden deck on my former home and my hubby thought it wouldn’t look, right, my design was similar to urs but not quite as big.. I love it!! Great job, beautiful and functional!!

  12. Your home looks wonderful! The new front deck is very inviting. But best of all, everything is so inspirational! Thanks for sharing!