Cozy Home DIY Winter Decorations

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Make your home extra cozy with these DIY winter decorations! Use texture and inexpensive accessories to create warmth and beauty!

cozy living room with winter pillows and throws

I don’t know about you, but the time between Christmas and the next decorating season is just strange! One part of me wants to keep the Christmas decorations up forever! The other part wants them gone NOW so I can head into the new year with a clean home and fun winter decor ideas!

How can I decorate my house in January?

You’ve just celebrated Christmas with all the beautiful decor and the twinkle lights on the Christmas tree. The holiday season is over so now what?

If you’re the type of person that keeps up your main decorations but adds in seasonal elements then go put your everyday home decor back up! I left up the lantern with Christmas ornaments in it but removed the red ones. Everything else is neutral or something I could use year round.

hall tree filled with winter decorations
white lantern filled with blue and white ornaments and balls

How do I transition from Christmas to winter?

One of the ways I do this is by leaving up a few neutral Christmas elements or the ones that go with my normal home decor. My home has a lot of blue and I also use blue in my Christmas decorations.

I also think it’s important that our homes be welcoming which means the front area should be decorated to some extent. I’ll be honest and tell you I don’t have a front porch, but I want to build a front deck on the right and add landscaping on the left. Since the budget doesn’t allow it yet I’ll make do with a simple mat and flag (and a friendly dog!)

Welcome mat with dog looking through glass door

Layering mats is a popular way to bring attention to your front door. And the bottom mat I used is washable which is necessary with ice and snow sometimes in North Carolina!

I have to admit I take offense that as a single woman I can’t find any products that say welcome to MY home. I need to create my own line of products! What do you think?

Welcome to our happy home mini flag

I have also fallen in love with mailbox covers! I didn’t even know that was a thing but it’s just so much more cheerful than a plain white mailbox.

What colors do you decorate with for the winter months?

I tend to go more neutral here but if you’re a person who struggles with mood during the winter season then add all the pretty colorful decor you can find!

Our homes should serve us, not the other way around. I love the happy colors in my home but for winter I use more of a neutral base with colors added in through accessories.

This wreath is the perfect example of timeless eucalyptus with bright flowers that can be used regardless of the season. And because I’m not all about perfection check out the dog towel in the picture. Just keepin’ it real!

grapevine wreath with orange flowers and welcome friends sign

These shelves were added for extra room and to take emphasis away from the ugly vent above. They are totally functional with recipes and message center supplies. I change up the accessories for the season by adding some winter greenery, always a good idea, with a couple of blue items mixed in.

shelves filled with winter decorations and books

Winter is also a season where getting outside is more difficult so use the time to makeover a piece of furniture or choose a fun craft (see my stamped books DIY here.)

Shelves filled with cookbooks and greenery

How do I make my home cozy after Christmas?

Coziness to me is a warm fireplace, throw pillows, a fuzzy blanket and a good book! However, I don’t have a fireplace but the other three are staples in my home!

In my bedroom I keep my everyday quilt out because I love the pops of color so very much. I want this room to be comfy and personal to my tastes.

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closet door headboard with aqua patterned quilt

The sweater type pillow was a $1 yard sale find but you could easily use old sweaters and make your own cover. I keep warm blankets at the end of the bed in case I need a little bitty nap in the afternoon. lol

To me my living room/dining area just screams cozy! A few winter pillow covers and throws complete the look without going overboard. Living in a small home, moderation is the key. Plus I’m just plain too tired to be changing every.little.thing with the calendar.

Small living room decorated for winter with snow pillows and blue accents

How can I add texture to my winter home?

Throws and blankets are always my go to for adding texture, which adds to the coziness feel! In my sunroom I’ve added a winter cover to one pillow and my other yard sale purchase has a touch of faux fur for fun. I also draped a throw over the chair for the cuteness factor.

Two black wicker chairs with winter pillows

What are some simple decorations that don’t cost much?

My chalk painted china hutch is a favorite place to create a colorful winter wonderland. I always keep my mom’s vintage china in here because I have no place to move it. But I can add some pops of color and a few items that will change for each season.

This doesn’t cost much at all (some plates from the dollar store) and simplicity is the key.

White hutch filled with blue and red dishes

Using a woven basket with some old books, a candle and natural elements is a great example of simple decor that doesn’t cost much. I love to pick up trays of all kinds and use books with the covers torn off. A vase filled with stems and it’s easy peasy and cheap, too!

Small vignette with woven tray, books and blue accessories

What about the dining table?

I always set my table even if I mostly eat in front of the tv. I know. Bad me! Because the space is small I don’t use it a lot but I always decorate it.

I actually tried two different looks on the table. For the first look I used a tablecloth with snowflakes on blue fabric with blue mason jars and blue patterned napkins

Small table with snow tablecloth and blue accents

The pitcher and winter wreath with pinecones I got for 90% off after the Christmas season. Shop when things are on sale, my friend!

Blue winter tablecloth with blue accents on small dining table

Then I found this cozy throw that is perfect for the center of the table which adds to the glass bowl filled with neutral balls.

Blue throw used with blue accents and white china on small kitchen table

I kept everything the same but switched up the base place mat. Aren’t the colors perfect for my home? And to be transparent, the throw has a couple of holes in it (thrift store buy!) but they’re hidden and no one is the wiser!

Blue throw used on small kitchen table with blue accents

Do you decorate for winter? What’s your favorite tip for enjoying your home in wintertime?

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blue couch with winter pillows

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