Gray and Coral Bedroom Inspiration

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Gray and Coral Bedroom Inspiration - Marty's Musings

Since the first of the year my DIY hubby and I have been busy little beavers. And I have yet to “reveal” anything (although I did share my craft room inspiration).

Because really, isn’t the before and after what’s really exciting?

To see how a room goes from really, really ugly to a place of beauty and loveliness?

Kind of like the ugly duckling.

Yes, our master bedroom is the poor, lonely ugly duckling.

But I promise you it will be worth the wait as we apply all our skills and ideas to turning our master bedroom into an oasis of beauty.

For now I’ll have to tempt you to join us on the journey with a few  ideas for my gray and coral bedroom inspiration.  (You can also follow me on Instagram to stay updated.)

My friend Amy wrote a terrific post with 12 tips on choosing paint colors. My painter husband would probably recommend all of them for his customers.

However, I pretty much totally ignored every one of them. Especially the first one: choose fabric first!

Since I am proud to be representing Behr paint as one of their DIY experts I started with the paint color first. (Totally backwards I know, but that’s how we roll!)

Pewter Mug is the color we chose and you can see a very ugly before shot and part of the painting process here. (This room from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs is one of my favorites.)

Gray and Coral Bedroom Inspiration


I knew I wanted to go lighter and brighter, and this bedding was where I started.

A made bed in a room


We love a good chalk paint project and I learned how to do it myself on our bedroom furniture!

Paint and Color


I painted our headboard and loved the way it looked, but it just didn’t work in our rearranged room. This was my inspiration for a different kind of headboard!

Master Bedroom Inspiration - Marty's Musings

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 I did a lot of painting of accessories in the bedroom, and I love the look of the frame below.

Bedroom and Paint


I am not a professional designer or DIY expert or much of anything other than a mom who is enjoying a new season of life and having fun making my home beautiful. I don’t even know what you call the style I’m going for in the bedroom other than French Country with a romantic, shabby chic flair. Maybe I just created a new design style?

Master Bedroom Inspiration - Marty's Musings


Since my husband loves pillows ~sarcasm~ I want some with his and hers on it!Master Bedroom Inspiration - Marty's Musings


Love incorporating pictures into the decor!

Art and Image


Finally, last and not first, of course, is the fabric I chose for the window treatments, bedskirt and pillows. Isn’t it divine?

Background pattern

I hope you enjoyed a look into our bedroom makeover and will join me as I work hard to bring it all together!

Until then you can tour my kitchen,

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see our small bathroom remodel

Small Bathroom Remodel from Marty's Musings

and my craft room (which is also undergoing a makeover!)

Craft Room Ideas from Marty's Musings

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  1. Hello there! I love the color of the headboard. Do you remember the color by any chance? Thanks

  2. I love, love, love the colors, but I would have to say that since those are the colors I chose for our master bedroom, I’m almost done but I need a coral rug or heaven forbid I will have to paint one, which would just thrill my husband (not). I really admire you for having the guts to paint your bedroom furniture, it looks beyond beautiful. We have a beautiful king size bed that is to big for the bedroom,but he had it before we got married and he paid to much money for it, it is gorgeous but like so many of us she is way to big. the bedspread i picked out is very similar to yours, and I have the pillow shams and the coral pillows, I thought about maybe one yellow pillow, but that might be to much. My curtains are grey with cream colored sheers. I just hope when I’m done it will look half as good as yours.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comments on our bedroom makeover so far, Patricia! It took some convincing to get my husband to let me go for it with the furniture and we’re both beyond excited! I hope your room will make you happy, too!

    1. Thanks, Kelly! I’m excited to finally being giving the room some TLC. It’s a small room but just changing paint colors and moving the furniture around (furniture for the first time in 23 years!) has made the biggest difference!

  3. I love chose of colors and fabric. Can you tell me where the fabric is from?? Thank in advance.

  4. Your new bedroom will be gorgeous, i really love your colour palette, thanks for including a set of my Mr and Mrs pillows!