4 AM Feelings From a Sleep Deprived Mom

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Many of you longtime readers have heard all about my oldest daughter Rachel, with everything from her DIY wedding in 2011, baby gender reveal party last August and the unexpected arrival of baby Aiden early in December.

From age eleven and a half and up when we adopted a sibling group of three in 2000, Rachel was so faithful in babysitting and encouraging all of us through a very long process of heartbreak and attachment.

I have some very exciting God-sized plans in the works, and I’m very excited to share that Rachel will be contributing to the blog in the coming months. Her perspective on life as a sleep deprived mom, is a view of motherhood and life that I’m a few years removed from! My prayer is that it will encourage us all in our journey towards contentment amidst trials.

Please make her feel welcome (hint, hint! We love comments!) and show her what a wonderful community we’re building at this blog that I call home.

Feeling and Day

As a mother of a one month old I spend most of my days feeding my little one. At every three hours around the clock it has forced me to slow down and I have begun to cherish the special bond that only I will have with my son. 

Since finally conquering the breastfeeding hurdle after a very bumpy road, I have spent a lot of time reflecting.

Reflecting on my hopes and dreams for my son. Thinking how grateful I am to have such an incredible husband. Wishing I could be a stay at home mom and not return to work. 

One of the things that has hit me since Aiden was born is the values and life lessons my parents taught me that I pray we pass along to him.

My mom loves sappy things of this nature so I thought I’d share my three reflections and a wish with her (and you!). 

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Reflection #1: Friends may come and go, but family is forever

I have finally reached a stage in my life where I am “rich” in relationships. The friends that are near and dear to me are genuine, supportive, beautiful people.

This has not always been the case. I spent large amounts of time over the course of my 26 years either broken hearted due to a lack of friends or I chose friends that were poisonous.

Through it all I had family. Cliche? Maybe. But there will never be another relationship (besides my husband’s) that I cherish so fiercely as mine with my mother. I can’t tell you the amount of time I have already spent praying over my son and our relationship. 

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Reflection #2: Communication 

I grew up in a family that has faced challenges and heartbreak. Years of trauma and pain. I wouldn’t trade those years for anything – they molded me and the relationships I cherish into what they are today.

 A woman holding a baby

Through the hard times my family ALWAYS communicated – whether you wanted to or not! I truly believe that this communication and Christ’s love are the only way we made it. 

I always knew that there was never a problem or secret or joy I couldn’t share with my parents. I remember many nights sitting on my mom’s bed at the end of the day. Sharing struggles, opening my heart about my dreams, or just being silly and laughing together.

Celebrating with TGI Fridays Restaurant - Marty's Musings

My Dad – even though I would use up all his words for the day – would take me out to breakfast every Friday where we would do the same. These are memories so precious to me. I pray Aiden will always know that I will make time to listen to him just like my parents did. 

A woman holding a baby

Reflection #3: Find joy

One thing that has always been present in my home (now and growing up) is laughter.

As a family we were always intentional about family time. Game nights, movie nights, playing badminton in the backyard – even in the dark times laughter was always present.

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My dad is particularly good at lightening a heavy mood through a joke. I see a lot of my Dad in my husband – and you get the two of them together and its a complete riot! I pray my own home is always filled with laughter and not bogged down during times of struggle. 

My wish: Trust in Faith

My greatest desire for Aiden is that he is led to the love of Christ through our example. I can look at all my reflections and clearly see they are all wonderful but are absolutely NOTHING without the foundation of Faith.

Honest and transparent feelings from a first time new mom will reassure that faith and love will see you through!

I am so thankful to have come from a family who lives that Faith every day, good and bad. I want him to know that when the world fails him – God will not. When he is in the valley of the shadow of death – God is there. When he makes mistakes – God loves unconditionally. 

Right now, despite lack of sleep, piles of unfolded laundry, list of unwritten thank you notes, and dreading going back to work, I choose to spend my days snuggling and praying for Aiden’s future. And thanking God for the family that He has given me.

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Being a mom changes you and I wouldnt trade it for anything!

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Thank you, sweetie! We look forward to more reflections and cuddles from my precious grandson!


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  1. I love this!! <3 What a beautiful tribute to a family full of love and faith! And how I treasured those sweet moments of bonding when my little ones nursed, perfect for reflection and bonding–I love how God built in our new mommy bodies a way to force us to relax and enjoy our new ones! 😀

  2. This post brought such joy and happiness for Rachel and the entire family. What a beautiful post, as well as a beautiful family!!

  3. Awwww I loved reading this!! First of all your family is awesome! It sounds like you had a lot of fun growing up! Parents that were always there for you in love and support. Now you have the chance to do the same for your little baby boy! He is just adorable……. Let the laundry go, thank you notes unwritten, dishes not washed!!! Keep loving and cuddling that sweet little baby, they aren’t little long enough!! Beautiful story and thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Lisa!It’s fun to watch my daughter transform as a mother. I wish I had taken more of the advice she’s been give when I was a new mom!

  4. This is the beginning of a beautiful love story…and I am already hooked 😉 I believe this little one was born the same day as my granddaughter, Evelyn Grace. Or, within a day or so…? December 17. I look forward to reading this love story!

  5. Why is it this blog always makes me cry? Rachel I can’t begin to watch you in this journey! I always knew you were going to be a fantistic momma. I love you so much and that sweet boy of yours. Looking forward to reading more from you 😉 xoxo. -G