Christmas Balls Decoration Ideas

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Want a beautiful holiday home without spending a lot of money? Try some of these 10 creative Christmas balls decoration ideas!

Christmas ornaments in red container on a Christmas tray

Every year it seems I’m full of conflicting emotions when it’s time to decorate for Christmas.

I’m excited to create a welcoming home full of sparkle and glitter. (The kind that stays in place, not the kind you have to clean up for days!)

Yet I also dread dragging out boxes full of Christmas decor and trying to decide how to change things up so everything is not just the SAME OL’ SAME OL’. 

Anyone else feel the same way?

And yes, I still need to do some more organizing and getting rid of stuff I don’t use (this post will help you, too!)

I started going through my pictures from years past and realized one of the easiest (and cheapest!) ways to decorate is probably also the most overlooked.

Christmas Balls. Ornaments. Whatever you want to call them! Those little balls and shapes that are almost always on sale dirt cheap or can be purchased at the dollar store.


They’re inexpensive, come in all different colors, shapes and sizes and are the perfect accessory for so many Christmas decorations, obviously including your Christmas tree!

I’m guessing you have a few, or tons like me, lying around and you don’t know what to do with them besides hanging them on your tree.

I’m here to help with some fun Christmas crafts and ideas for your holiday decor!

How can I decorate without spending money?

I believe in using what I have while shopping for the holiday season at thrift stores and yard sales during the year. Think outside the box, repurpose and get creative! Decorating doesn’t have to be a chore or cost a lot of money.

My Christmas gift to you this year is my tutorial of 10 creative ways to use extra Christmas ornaments and balls!

10 Creative Ways to Use Extra Christmas Balls

In case you want the comfort of shopping from your own home I’ve included some links to similar Christmas home decor items at the end of this post.

1. Decorate a mantel.

When you don’t have a mantel you might have to improvise! I just used the top of my piano and pretended!

All you really need is a flat surface and some imagination. Here I used a Christmas wreath on an old window and added greenery and some burlap balls and ornament stars for variety. I love the texture and layers and how easy this came together.

Christmas mantel with old window and wreath hanging with greenery and berries

Easy and Inexpensive Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas

2. Create a centerpiece bowl.

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year for a beautiful holiday table. I don’t have a dining room so the kitchen table is it!

I used a giant glass bowl and filled it with greenery, pine cones and just about every type of ornament I could find, from vintage to dollar store. 

By adding some gold lamé fabric, pine cone candles and my DIY wood chargers, I created a charming rustic tablescape. Make sure and use large Christmas ornaments as well as small.

Large punch bowl filled with Christmas ornaments and greenery

Thrifty Tips for a Rustic Christmas Tablescape

3. Add to garland around a window frame.

This is one of my favorite uses for my $10 yard sale cathedral window. I bought the garlands dirt cheap after Christmas and intertwined both the green and white with some beads, ornaments and lights and the result was a show stopper!

Cathedral window with greenery and white ribbon around it for Christmas

Perfectly Imperfect Christmas Home Tour

Decorating Tips and Hacks
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Featured Image

4. Hang on an old window.

Even though I don’t have a mantel I borrowed one for a project! I love these burlap stars I added to my chalkboard banner made with wood slices and another old window display.

For this easy DIY think of all the elements you could add like ribbons, a tree ornament, candy canes or even a pom-pom or two to create holiday cheer in your home.

Christmas mantel with greenery and berries and old window with lights

How to Decorate a Christmas Mantel the Cheap Way!

5. Use in a vignette.

What could be simpler than gathering some fresh greenery into an interesting container with natural elements such as pinecones and berries? Add some yarn balls and glittery ornaments for sparkle and you have a beautiful and cheap vignette!

Invite the kids to help and make it a family affair!

Table with ornaments and greenery nestled in copper container

Thrifty Christmas Home Tour

6. Collect different shapes and colors and display.

I’ve always been a red and gold ornament girl but in recent years I’ve added in aqua as part of my color scheme. I always buy my ornaments at after Christmas sales for the best prices and stash them away for the following year.

I mixed my Christmas china with a milk glass bowl of aqua and red ornaments and loved the result!

China hutch filled with Christmas ornaments and decorations

Decorating with Red and Aqua in the Kitchen at Christmas

7. Fill a metal basket.

If you can’t tell, I love shopping yard sales (you can read some of my best tips here) and try to pick up interesting containers and baskets for my decor even if I don’t have an immediate need. 

This metal basket was $1 and transitions through the seasons in my home.

Top of chest with aqua textured vases and metal container with Christmas ornaments

5 Cheap Christmas Decorations for a Simple Authentic Home

8. Make an ornament nest.

Have you wondered about all the greenery in these pictures? My thrifty tip is to ask for cuttings when you go get your tree (if you have a real one.)

We use the same tree lot every year as part of our family tradition and I always take home an arm load of branches to use in different ways throughout my home.

Free and beautiful? Yes, please!

Bird cage filled with glittery Christmas ornaments and greenery

Inexpensive Christmas Mantel and Home Tour

9. Layer in a cloche or small glass cake dish.

It’s taken me a long while to figure out how to arrange my chalk painted hutch. It still needs to store wedding china belonging to my mom and me but I also want it to look tasteful, not cluttered.

A few ornaments collected in a glass cake dish or cloche add a simple, elegant touch.

White china hutch filled with Christmas china and greenery

10. Use as a Christmas tree skirt.

This is one of my cheapest and most favorite decorations, a $1 yard sale ornament wreath with inexpensive glitter stars and snowflakes on a tree that was passed down to me from my mom.

These DIY Christmas decorations are a fun way to use up those after Christmas items you found at the craft store. Inexpensive, bright and meaningful! Love it!

Small christmas tree set on top of silver ornament wreath

Can you think of any other ways to use extra DIY Christmas ornaments that I haven’t thought of? I’d love to know!

Home Decor Shopping List

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Ornament wreath
Rustic style natural pinecone candle holders
Shatterproof Christmas ornaments
Vintage Christmas ornaments
Burlap ball ornaments
Glass cloche

Ways to Use Extra Christmas Balls and Ornaments

Ways to Use Extra Christmas Balls

Want a beautiful holiday home without spending a lot of money? Try some of these 10 creative Christmas balls decoration ideas! 


  • Decorate a mantel.
  • Create a centerpiece bowl.
  • Add to garland around a window frame.
  • Hang on an old window.
  • Use in a vignette.
  • Collect different shapes and colors and display.
  • Fill a metal basket.
  • Make an ornament nest.
  • Layer in a cloche or small glass cake dish.
  • Use as a Christmas tree skirt.


More Christmas Inspiration

10 creative ways to use extra Christmas ornaments

Decorating Tips and Hacks
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  1. Hello
    In case you want the comfort of shopping from your own home I’ve included some links to similar Christmas home decor items at the end of this post.Breed

  2. Love the idea of ‘baubles’ around the Christmas tree base – did you glue/secure them? Love the idea of different Colour themes but we get back to UK just before Christmas each year from sunny Cyprus (it’s a hard life being retired!) and it’s all I can do to bring out the same two small glittery magenta ready decorated ones and place either side of a glitter lamp. I’ve bags and bags of different coloured baubles up in the roof, but don’t usually have a real tree any more. Perhaps I’ll go to town on several window sills and fireplace mantle. I use to decorate front windows with fairy lights, but since having upv double glazing, can’t use thumbtacks like we used to on the wooden frames

    Merry Christmas
    and all the best for 2023 (wow)
    Valerie 👣🌿

    1. Hi, Valerie. Sometimes it just takes too much effort to go all out so you choose what you feel up to doing this year! It just doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it! Best wishes!

  3. I really impressed after read this because of some quality work and informative thoughts . I just wanna say thanks for the writer and wish you all the best for coming!

  4. Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained! Welcome to Jason’s Holidays

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  7. Good ways & now i am going to try some or all of these ways as I have a collection of lot of Christmas ornaments.

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  9. Amazing ways…. I am going to try some or all of these ways as I have a collection of lot of Christmas ornaments.

  10. So much to take in and process, you do a gorgeous job of decorating for holidays as well as every day.
    I too love red and aqua. Have aqua, white, light gray and just a touch of coral in living room. The coral comes and goes depending on season.
    We don’t have a mantel but have a shutter shelf Mr.Furry built for me few years ago now and boy does that shelf get a work out, redecorated several times a year. We have a single wide mfg.home so in spite of what we got when we bought it have tried to snazzy it up as much as a single wide can be.
    We don’t have an eating area at all so sold our table/chairs while after we bought this place. Is just us two old kids hanging out so we eat in living room. I got used to that when Mr.Furry was truck driver and I ate alone a lot. He used to be gone for weeks at a time when we lived in MT and KY. At least there we had dining area and table/chairs.
    At some point in life we have to make concessions according to situation. When we moved here to Grand Junction area we had no idea how expensive it was for real estate, especially after KY. Is more like So. CA prices here. We lived in San Diego areas for 21 yrs. before we moved to MT.
    Hope all in your life is what you need it to be. Sometimes we have bad times, we’ve been married 49 believe me been there, done whatever. Guess you could say weathering hard times is a lesson in growing. But if a couple can hang on your marriage will be even better as it goes along after you get thru a hard time.
    Life’s never been easy for us financially but we seem to do better when life is harder.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Happy daze

    1. Hi, JaneEllen. I love your story of perseverance in hard times and think you are exactly right. Sometimes it’s easier to be closer when you’re struggling together and “weathering” life together. I am rejoicing with you in your 49 years together. What a testimony you have and I know they weren’t all easy years! Marriage is about the commitment of two lives and the family you create together. God bless you for encouraging me today!

  11. So pretty! I love the touch of aqua, too. I am regretting getting rid of ornaments we had kept from our wedding I hadn’t used in several years. And they were glass, which isn’t a great option in our house of kiddos. This year, I could have really used a few of them as I was decorating. But, they are inexpensive if I want more, I guess. I just had to keep things that go unused.

    1. Hi, Kim. Well, my comment reply plugin isn’t working! Ugh. It’s funny. I have special little ornaments from my childhood that are in the bag of ornaments that my kids refuse to put on the tree! It’s kind of the “ugly bag of ornaments”! I’d love to find more vintage ones but I think Amy at Atta Girl Says has snatched them all up! I actually think I have some in my tubs but I didn’t find them. Which means I need to organize more at the end of the season!