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My oldest son Joshua (bio and previously my baby until we adopted) got into the College at Southeastern. This is actually the undergrad program of the seminary. Yes, he’s going into Christian ministry. He has felt that call on his life since he was 11. God is faithful to bring to pass what He began and I will continue to cling to that as he prepares for next year. My oldest Rachel did not go to college. She’s been working full-time since she graduated four years ago. I know homeschooling was good for her and she’s an amazing young woman. But knowing I got a child into college, regardless of the trials and distractions we’ve been through, is such an encouragement to me. Now to keep praying for doors to open financially. This school does not accept FAFSA, which means no Pell grants or loans through the federal government. God knows Joshua’s heart and will provide and guide.

I feel pride in “our” accomplishments through homeschooling but grief simmers under the surface. Each of my older children has become very attuned to me in their latter years of homeschooling, sensing bad days with M and S, my need for a hug or just to ask what they can do to help. Knowing Joshua will not be here next year takes my breath away. My goal through the teen years was not to have “typical” teenagers but to have good relationships with mine where we could talk about anything. They have been great years, not without occasional frustrations, but “bonding through trials” kind of years. Even among homeschooling moms I am unusual. So many parents are glad to see their kids gone. No more battles over homework or curfews or driving. Not me. I will miss his morning hugs,his hello and goodbye hugs, his I feel your pain hugs and his just because hugs. Watching The Mentalist and Lie to Me together. Getting excited because there’s a new episode and carving out time to be together. Families change and grow and move on to new experiences. I thank God from the bottom of my heart for this young man who has been such an encouragement to me. From the little boy who would take naps with me to the young man who calls on his way home to see if I need anything. Never forget your roots, son. God has great things in store for you.

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  1. I’m happy and sad for you. I think that is wonderful that he got into the college that he wanted to go to. But I also feel your saddness in this post. I will be here for you when ever you need me. God has great plans for him. Praying with you guys about payment for school. God will provide. Way to go mom on the success of your baby. You are an insperation to a lot of homeschooling mom’s. Thanks for that.

    Love ya

  2. Okay. I am a blubbering mess. Really. I can hardly see the computer screen through my tears. This is just so sweet and I too have a senior and oh how I am going to miss my son. He will be my first out of the nest and I can’t stand even thinking about it.

  3. Congrats to you as homeschooling mom and congrats to your awesome son!! You guys deserve some good news!!

  4. Congrats to both of you!

  5. Right there with you. I LOVE having my Big Kids home. While 6 have “flown the coop” they’ve all come back for a few months or a few years. Some have flown and returned and flown and returned. They know the door is always open for them.


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