Texting and Relationships

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Like every new electronic gadget, I have been slow to embrace cell phones and texting. Until my older kids were gone all the time and I realized they would respond to a text way before they would answer my call. When I got my new phone (nothing fancy, don’t get too excited!) and I had the qwerty (is that even what they call it?) I was all set.

I have discovered that I like sending little messages to my kids.

miss you
praying 4 u
call your mom
(sorry, that one slipped in there 🙂
My son’s friends were asking him who on earth he was texting so much. My mom. She asks me questions!!!! Then he had to show them the 20 questions I asked. Hey, at least he responded and I know he’s alive!
But the real jewel of texting? Romancing my husband. (My kids are squirming and rolling their eyes about now. That is, if they read my blog. Which they don’t. At least not often.)
I love sending him little texts (or even longer ones) that tell him how proud I am of him. How much more in love with him I am today than when we married. How I miss him. The ways I appreciate all he does for our family. We have been married for 24 years and are at a stage where we are seeing each other in a new light. Our life circumstances are changing and we are growing closer together as we reach a new chapter in our life together. 
Recent texts:  Daughter is coming home for lunch. Be there. Let’s go out for pizza buffet. List for the discount bread store.  My favorite: Can I have ur cheezits?
I have also discovered it’s harder to fight by text. I don’t have the patience to text that much so I am brief and to the point. Differences get resolved way quicker than in person. And silence is golden.
I love locking my favorite texts and reading them over when I need encouragement (or ammunition if possible jk). You see, I’m a words person. “Words of encouragement” is my love language. I am, however, realizing that I don’t have to have pages of words. 
160 characters or less will do just fine.

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  1. MK and I do much better with texting!

  2. ILY!! You made me smile! I’m not sure we would hear from some of our kids if it weren’t for texting, it’s how they communicate. After all… talking on the phone “is so yesterday.”

  3. I do too read your blog momma, I love you. And your texts 🙂

  4. One of my daughters (bio) just got her first phone and started sending me texts from school (even though calling would be faster). I’ve been thinking how much I hate it, because I got a cheap phone that doesn’t text easily, and I’m also extremely verbose!

    Thank you for this post, because I just realized that she can’t isolate herself from my texts! I can text her all the things I want to say, but don’t because I don’t want her sister to be jealous, or because she’s isolating herself in her room, because I tend to start harping about chores when we’re in person, and/or because she’s a teen who doesn’t want to hear “good stuff” from mom.

    So as a fellow “verbal affirmations” gal, I want to say thanks! I love reading your posts and FB because you have such a positive attitude. You help me keep going. Thank you! You rock!!

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