Den Decorating Ideas

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Den Decorating Ideas - Marty's Musings

 First of all, let me say that I am no decorator. Not even close. But I am learning what I like and allowing myself to step outside my comfort zone and try some things that may or may not work. Or maybe discover something new to create a beautiful home amidst the craziness of life. I hope these den decorating ideas will inspire you!

Our family room/den makeover actually began last December. I know. I know. That’s been eight months. We’ve been enjoying it all this time and now I want to share it with you!

Den Makeover Before and After from Marty's Musings

Our den before was an eclectic mix of hand me downs and hodge podge belongings. We had way too much in this room, and as we weeded out and moved things around the room began to take shape.

There are many things we’ve done to this room, but our favorite has been the replacement of our 20-year-old carpet with Pergo flooring. I’ll write more about this later, but I have longed for this for years. Our poor carpet had been through five kids, three dogs and numerous cats. It was just plain worn out.

Doesn’t it look amazing? My husband and youngest son did a terrific job of installing the flooring. We also changed the color of the room from the mint green to more of a chocolate brown.

We moved furniture around, bought a new sectional (only our second purchased sofa set in 25 years) and recliner, and my husband built a beautiful rustic table from fence posts.

One of my favorite projects ever, I designed a family gallery wall with white frames, black and white pictures and vinyl lettering.

Den Makeover Before and After from Marty's Musings 

Here’s a before picture of the wall. (And yes, we did this project during the Christmas season last year. Ugh.)
Here’s the after. You’ll want to read this post to find out how we worked on this wall together as a family.
Our entertainment center and shelving was made of pressboard and falling apart so my husband searched Craigslist and until he found this solid wood (and heavy) entertainment center for $100. The only little glitch is that our TV doesn’t sit flush in the unit so we have it angled to fit. (Moral of this story: don’t let the person you’re buying from measure the unit. Bring your own measuring tape and do it yourself!)
Den Makeover Before and After from Marty's Musings

 As a homeschooler and book lover we have a lot of books, but I managed to clean out our materials and get rid of one large bookshelf.

Who knew window treatments would be so difficult to decide on? My hubby found these at Lowe’s, a perfect accessory for the room. (He’s kinda frightening me with his “feminine side.” He actually has very good taste and more decorating sense than me.)

I used a little cafe curtain in a solid red for the back door.


This room was truly a labor of love, from flooring to paint to furniture to the special features that make our home unique. I won’t even begin to tell you how Tim and I got the sectional through the back door (which may have included hoisting it up over the back fence. Oy.) It was a process of going through one decision at a time and watching the room develop into a place we love to hang out and enjoy our family.

***For those who have asked about the paint color: it is Behr Interior Satin Enamel Paint and Primer (brand) in Sherwin Williams #6095 Toasty (color). The couch is from Klaussner Furniture, and no, we didn’t pay anywhere near real retail price. It was a showroom sample, one of a kind purchase. We had decided to buy a sectional but with a different configuration. When we saw this one we had to totally refigure the room but are so thrilled that we did!

Still want to see more of our DIY projects? Click on the picture to go directly to the post!

Small Bathroom Remodel from Marty's Musings

Table made of Fence Posts from Marty's Musings

 DIY Window Table from Marty's Musings 

Mason Jar Chandelier by Martys Musings

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  1. It looks amazing! I love your family wall.

  2. Love the transformation, Marty, and I love the gallery wall. I’m actually going to be doing a post soon about gallery walls and I’d love to use yours as an example, I love the incorporation of vinyl. Would that be OK if I use your photo in my post?

    Also, hope you’re able to come to the Southern Bloggers Conference in Raleigh Oct. 12-13.

    And please tell Rachel hello from her old News & Record teen page editor!

    • Thanks, Amy. That would be fine to use the post. And it’s funny. Rachel and I were talking recently about her homeschooling and what had benefitted her the most. She remembered the transcription she did for you and said she was the fastest in her office and her boss doesn’t send anything out without him proofreading it first! So thank you for giving her that opportunity!

      I haven’t decided about the blogging conference, although my brother lives in Raleigh and I could stay with him. Take care!

  3. LOVE this transformation!! the photographer is pretty good too. and you should go to the conference, it would be good for you. but staying with you know who, not so sure about that. 🙁

  4. Wow, what a beautiful transformation! It looks great. I think you are more of a decorator than you give yourself credit for.

  5. This is such a lovely, cozy room. And the gallery wall is incredible! Great job. Love the colors too.

  6. Marty this is FABULOUS!! Don’t mention that you’re not a decorator…no one would ever know!!

  7. What an Amazing Makeover! Love the colors and especially your gallery wall. I pinned it!

  8. It looks absolutely fabulous. What a difference. It is so fun to compare the before and after pictures. You made some great choices.

  9. I’m no decorating expert either, but it is a hobby of mine and I have to say that you did a great job! It’s easy to be impressed by people who spend thousands upon thousands of dollars. but what I’m most impressed by are people who spend a reasonable amount and still come out with a pretty fantastic space. And, really, the only thing that matters is that your family enjoy it!

  10. This is gorgeous! You did a wonderful job! Love that wall with the words and frames!

  11. Your family room is lovely!! Love everything you’ve done and your picture wall is a great idea! Sounds like you have a pretty handy hubby too!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  12. Wow great job! It looks so warm and welcoming now! I love your color palette you chose!


  13. Congratulations! You’ve been featured on Handyman, Crafty Woman’s Wicked Awesome Wednesday! Please feel free to stop by the website and pick up your button!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I love this you have done a fantastic job! This is my first visit to your blog and it won’t be the last! The thing I absolutely appreciate the most is this is a real everyday family’s room. You have the recliner! Something that I have to incorporate in my home as well. My husband lets me do what I want as long as the chair and tv stays! lol While I enjoy reading the blogs with the big huge rooms and huge decorating budgets I don’t have that plus I have kids. Rooms that can’t be used isn’t an option here! It’s just so nice and so refreshing to see a beautiful room featured in a real life setting. Bravo!!! Oh and I am totally copy catting your family wall! – Cindy

  15. Wow, it all looks great! And that red couch fits right in without being overwhelming or anything. You guys did a fantastic job. Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  16. I love your red sofa and your gallery wall of family pictures, and your paint color( I’m not even fond of brown shades) and it still looks great to me. Your family’s hard work has really paid off.

  17. Looks comfy, love the hardwood floors ~

    Stopped in from Southern Lovely’s Show and Tell.

  18. I love your den, especially the red sofa. I’ve always been a sucker for red. Thanks so much for stopping by Posed Perfection last week and leaving me the sweet note. Hope you’ll visit again soon. Have a wonderful week.

  19. WOW Marty!! What a transformation! LOVE your curtains and the sectional! WOW!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  20. Hi Marty,
    Your room is really lovely and so inviting and I really love your gallery wall, very nice! Very homey and beautiful…………..
    Blessings, Nellie

  21. WOW what a beautiful transformation! Love your gallery wall!

  22. It looks amazing! Great transformation 🙂
    Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  23. OMYGOSH, woman…what a FANTASTIC job you have done on this room. It is just beautiful. I am so in love with the photo wall, I don’t know what to do. I love your beautiful sectional…the floor is to die for…I love your curtains..DANG !!….I just love every bit of it.
    Great job to all of you….
    xo bj

  24. Wow what a transformation! I love your red sofa…I have one in my basement and I just love it! Thanks for linking up to centerpiece Wednesday! Make sure you put the link back to us.

  25. I remember your lovely photo wall, but the rest of the room looks great as well. I’m sure you enjoy this room more with this look and feel. Thanks for sharing the make-over. It’s always fun to see. Gail (

  26. Hi! I love everything about your room! Please tell us the paint color on the walls & where you got your red sofa – I’ve been looking for one & I love yours!

  27. Please come over and make my house beautiful! 🙂

  28. You have done a wonderful job. It looks amazing…
    Visiting from the style sisters. I’m Pat from my blog, Topiary Rose.

  29. It looks so cozy and inviting!!! I love the sofa. For being a sectional it doesn’t look overly large. We have a smaller family room and I have had my eye out for something smaller. Where did you get it or what brand is it? Absolutely love your photo wall too!!! Nice job!!!

  30. Oh my goodness, this turned out fantastic! You can come do my family room! I love the red color you used and the Family gallery wall is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing at Creative Thursday this week. Have a wonderful weekend.


  31. I’m no decorator either and don’t even blog, but you did a great job. I love the sectional and the gallery wall. The entire room is lovely. Enjoy the space.

  32. Your den looks gorgeous! It looks so stylish and comfortable too. I love the red and the stripes!

  33. I believe this is my first time to your blog…
    I came here via- CCC

    I like all the changes you done in your room. The floor looks fabulous!
    I love that red sectional too!
    I home schooled all my children (they’re grown now)…but I always love doing projects together as a family. Your son and your husband will always remember installing that floor! Priceless.

    …nice to meet you , Pat

  34. I love all the vinyl in your wall gallery. Beautiful and we homeschool too!
    Thanks for linking up!

  35. A labor of love indeed! Congratulations on a job well done. You’ve created a very warm and welcoming space.

  36. I love what you did with your family room. It looks so inviting!

  37. What a difference! The biggest things for me were the couch and the wall color. Great job!

    Found you through Delicate Construction.

  38. What a wonderful transformation…so welcoming! New follower.

  39. Beautiful job! I love the wall color and the red sofa. 🙂 Megan

  40. Red my favorite color! This looks great I would love it if you get a chance to come link up to I freakin’ did it friday over @ Miss Information

  41. Wow, you’ve got an eye for design. It’s beautiful! Anytime you get bored, feel free to visit my house:)


  42. This is beautiful! Love the color choices! Great job! 🙂

  43. That is a great makeover. And I love your color choices.

  44. I pinned your wall a while back because I loved it, but seeing the room complete I love it all even more. Flooring make such a huge difference.

  45. Love the room, my friend. Gorgeous, yet cozy. A place I’d feel comfortable in.

  46. Oh, it must feel soooo good to have this completed!!! It looks fantastic, jealous of the flooring and couch! 😉 We also have a modge podge of furniture that was given to us, can’t wait to get a sectional and re-do our room!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  47. You have a pretty blog and your den makeover is very nice. I especially like that coffee table.

  48. Bobi Jensen says:

    I LOVE the transformation. It looks so beautiful. I love the colors, like your blog. This is the second time I’ve been to your site and I can’t get away without pinning something gorgeous! I’m following now 🙂


  49. You did a wonderful job with your makeover. I love your family wall!

  50. You did a very nice job! I bet the whole family loves it.
    My favorites are the curtains and the family wall…

  51. Your room makeover looks fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing it at Inspiration Friday! 🙂

  52. What a wonderful improvement! I love the rich red, gold and chocolate brown. Your family room looks like a wonderful place to relax.

    Stopping by from Feature Friday Free-for-All.

  53. WOW!!! You did a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  54. Your room is so warm and cozy. I am sure that your family loves it!

  55. wow! I love the updated look!!! It looks fabulous!!!

  56. wow! I love how you updated it! Fantastic job!

  57. Looks warm and inviting. Well done!

  58. Wow, what a change. I especially love the family gallery wall!
    Would love if you entered our link party supporting Habitat for Humanity. You could win up to $150, have $100 donated to H4H in your name, and be featured on some pretty big blogs!

  59. It looks sooooo good!! I love your photo wall.

  60. Yay, thanks so much for linking up. Please link back or grab a button and be sure to like us on FB for contest updates. Good Luck!

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  62. Your transformation looks amazing. I love the bright colors and I love the gallery wall. Gorgeous room and looks so comfy and family oriented!…Christine

  63. What a lovely makeover! It has such a cozy and inviting feel. I love your gallery wall. The white frames make your black and white photos pop! Nice idea I think I am going to try. Thanks for sharing.

  64. I love what you did! Especially your wall of photos! It all looks very comfortable. Saw your link on OurDelightfulHome.

  65. Great design – Joining from Inspire me monday –

  66. I love your room!’
    What a drastic change – love it!!!
    I will be featuring this tonight – great redo!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  67. What a wonderful transformation! Thanks for sharing!

  68. a lovely makeover
    I’ll be happy if you check out my blog too=)

  69. You did a great job! The colors are so warm and inviting and the wall is amazing!

  70. Wow! Not a decorator…could’ve fooled me 🙂 Love the new room. Looks so cozy and relaxing. Love the colors {I’m a big fan of red} but I have to say your photo wall is my favorite!!!

  71. Great transformation! I am doing the same myself~ with the help of Pinterest!
    Thanks for linking up! [email protected]

  72. You did a great transformation. Love the flooring and gives your room warmth. Your room is now warm and cozy and I really your color choices. I really like the wall color and love your gallery wall. I think you can now call yourself and hubs designers. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  73. Wow. Your room looks absolutely wonderful. Great job on the update! Red is such a fun color and I love it for a den.

    Thanks for sharing on Show & Tell at SNAP!

    xoxo, Tauni

  74. Hi Marty,
    I love what you did with your den. I especially love the wall. Thank you so much for sharing with Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party last week. This weeks Link Party is opened at
    Hope to see you there.
    Debi Bolocofsky
    Adorned From Above

  75. Looks great! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  76. It does look amazing! What a transformation! And the floor is just gorgeous. And I absolutely love the family gallery wall. Great job 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing at my Throwback Thursday party, I’m so happy to have you and appreciate you stopping by!

  77. Thank you for sharing at Saturday Show and Tell. I hope you’ll be back this week to link up again! Have a great weekend!

  78. Beautiful! LOVE that “Family” wall. You were brave and it turned out FABULOUS!

  79. What a fabulous after! And the gallery wall is wonderful! Thanks for sharing on Tout It Tuesday. Hope to see you tomorrow!

  80. I love your Family wall! It’s beautiful!

  81. Love the colors and the gallery wall. Great job.

  82. I love it! That gallery wall is amazing!!!!

  83. Marty, you inspire me! Thank you so much for your posts. I had planned on doing my own gallery wall and yours gave me an alternative to what I had originally planned. I still haven’t settled on a plan but it is so nice to have another option to look at. I love the addition of the inspirational words around the photos. I am new to any DIY but have a crafty spirit. LOL! You really make me feel like I can do this! Thanks, Debbie

    • Hi, Debbie. I’m so glad my family gallery wall inspired you! It is the most special wall in the house (so far!) I hope you’ll spread your wings in trying DIY. I’m loving it and I’m sure you will, too!

  84. I love the transformation and that gallery wall. I’ve done a gallery wall (on a smaller scale) in my other apartments and it has since grown and evolved. I love the paint color and white frames, very nice! Red and khacki are always fun colors together. You and your husband make a pretty awesome team… From a new blogger/long time decorator to another, great job! PS-I’ve pinned this and I love your blog….Going to keep looking around 🙂

  85. I love this! Will you come do mine?

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