52 Lists in 52 Weeks #8

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List #8

Something I Need to Improve Upon:


Why I NEED to Exercise:

1. It will make me feel better. I know. I know. Makes no sense to me but the more energy I expend in a healthy workout the more I have for the rest of the day.

2. It will make me look better. Total vanity but I don’t want to see a dumpy old lady when I look in the mirror or dread trying on my clothes (or worse yet, live in sweat pants. Not that I’d ever do that). I won’t have to ask my shorter children to stand on something so my double chin isn’t so obtrusive when they take pictures. I know. I said it was vanity. Give me a break.

3. It will make me eat better. Or then again, maybe not. This is still a biggie and I can’t conquer all my hurdles at once. But if I have sweated and burned off calories it will hopefully make me question what I put in my body.

4. It will make me age better. I am hitting the big 5-0 in 5 weeks. I’m excited about it. Really. I am at a crossroads in my life. Many changes in the last year and I am embracing them, and praying for wisdom for the future.

5. I need to. My family is genetically doomed to heart disease. Seriously, it’s everywhere in my family. My sister died at 53 from it. My father had heart attacks and bypass surgery. My mom had congestive heart failure. And on and on back through their family tree. I can not change my genetics but I can change my health. One step at a time.

6. I will like myself better (and so will everybody else 🙂 It helps level out mood swings and stress levels. I will have greater body awareness and better posture.

Why, oh why, if I  know all this, is it so hard? Seriously hard? When we were getting ready for my daughter’s wedding she and I were doing the Insanity workout and I even kept on for a while after she moved out. I have a love/hate relationship with this man but I was pushing myself more than I have in years. And I liked it!

So tonight I did my first Insanity workout (okay, half a workout) and I’m committing to it here on the ol’ blog. Hold me accountable to it. Pretty Please. And if you want to come over and workout with me the door’s open!


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  1. Right. There. With. You.

    Wish we lived close, I’d love to have a walking partner and accountability buddy.

    Hey … you’re only a couple months behind me in hitting the big 5-0. Welcome to the club.

    I’ll be your cheerleader, if you’ll be mine.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. The 50s are great. I know because I’ve been there for just over a year now. 🙂

    And I need to exercise too. I feel better when I do. I lose this nasty extra weight when I do. And I want to do it for ME! I prefer the outdoors when the weather is good, so now we just have to get this TN winter to cooperate more than it has. It’s that or the treadmill and weight equipment we have in the spare bedroom. Frankly, I have NO EXCUSE either! 🙂

    You go, girl!

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